Sana fucked by Khizer


I am not so good at telling something but I’ll try to kick it though, everything I am telling here is true and all the incidents narrated are in the correct sequence. I am not changing any details about me or anyone related to this narrative here because frankly I don’t think anyone would be able to find me anyhow.

My name is Sana, I belong to Karachi, Pakistan. I am 5’5, slim (not too much) with a bit dark but quite an attractive skin color (that attracts the attention of guys wherever and whenever I want) and I am a student of Media Sciences. Like all the lucky girls, I have a rich boyfriend Fahad who loves me dearly.

Now this incident is a queer one as we don’t have any problems with each other and we are more than happy together. Umm I would say I am not the most beautiful girl around but in a way of saying that sober, I am a hell lot of attractive than that; which means that I may have just an above average face but I do have an appealing figure. I can be termed sexy or hot rather than beautiful or pretty.

My figure is 36-24-38 which is my achievement weapon and to be frank I am quite comfortable with that lol. I never had much male friends, not because I belong to a mediocre family but I wasn’t the friendly type but it all changed when I got admission in the University. There were 45 students in the class, 25 of them were girls and rest was boys.

I was too uptight from the start (that means only for guys who are jerks) but as they say things happen as they are meant to be, so I couldn’t get along with the girls I tried to become friends with but luck has its own way of turning things around so a group of 5 people welcomed me and took me in. There were 3 guys Khizer, Owais, Usman and 2 girls Sara and Tooba, they were all quite friendly and I was happy to become part of a social group.

We used to hang out a lot after class, bunking, photo sessions at weird places, checking out loneliest spots of the city and staying up for movies was our part of having fun. There were no complications and everything was just so great even Fahad never had problems with anyone in my gang.

3 guys and 3 girls wow we used to pair up and talk a lot mainly Tooba and Owais (they were the ones who started the group thing and brought everyone together), Usman and Sara (surprisingly enough they were cousins and together in the same class) and that leaves us Khizer and me together most of the times.

Honestly Khizer was the hottest guy I have ever seen and I used to flirt with him a bit but always careful not to get too carried away with the flow (I didn’t want to show him I was weak). Khizer was 5’11 (I knew that because he told me) with very handsome features and very well-shaped body (he used to work out in the gym).

Other than being handsome he was very good at studies, he was a skilful photographer, animator and a good sportsman. He had blue eyes and goddd I was really attracted to him (well most of the girls in the class were). Owais was around 5’9 (I guess, can’t say for sure because I never measured their heights) very smart and a bit low in color, overall an average guy but not too bad to be rejected.

Usman was the tallest, the roughest and the craziest, he was 6’1 (he told us) smart, mostly found with a cigarette in his hand lol, normal in color, just an average but a humble fellow. Now describing the girls Tooba was 5’3 (she also told me lol) slim, fair but with an attractive figure (not as much as mine but yes she was good) and Sara was 5’2 ( a bit shorter than Tooba so this is also a guess lol), slim, very fair beautiful in fact but with a normal figure.

And as you people know now that Khizer was a stud, but he never used to date a lot of girls; there were very few that attracted him or maybe he was too choosy, well I can’t say much. He used to live alone in a well furnished luxurious apartment, parents divorced, both of them re-married and live with their own families but they used to support him with money and a couple of phone calls.

4-5 times in an year, his father who lived in another city, used to visit him for 2-3 days but his mom who was in the USA used to visit him only once in 2 years but for a longer time. He was okay with that, or I should say he had compromised with his fate. With everything against him and still such a bright dude, that was really impressive even for an uptight girl like myself (not so uptight anymore then).

And it wasn’t long before I started fantasizing about him making love to me hardcore style and it used to give me great orgasms. I was getting more and more attracted to him by and by. I used to sit with him and when sometimes casually when he touched me on the hand or the shoulder or wherever I used to get goosebumps.

Khizer was all a girl could ask for and I too was falling for him but couldn’t help myself and that was the story of every other girl so it was useless. I was clearly in love with Fahad but my feelings for Khizer were increasing day by day and I was really going insane with this love triangle thing, whether it was love or lust but I had to get down with it in order to clear things up.

Mostly we all used to hang out together and we always used to watch the movies at Khizer’s place as it was the only available spot for our freehand fun and also our head-quarter for all the important discussions and studies related stuff like assignments, projects and reports etc. Once it happened that we were asked for a project to make a documentary on any subject of our liking with live interviews from people and stuff.

All of us were one group and the limit was assigned for 5 only but the teacher gave us the leverage of taking an additional member by a little convincing. We really had to work late for this project, the shootings, the interviews and most of all the concept and designing and animations and everything was just too much to handle.

As usual the main operations were to be carried out at Khizer’s den so we all were there most of time. I was too busy to see Fahad and he too was busy in his semester finals, it was almost 2 months since we had made love and I really wanted a break after this project thing.

One day we all assembled at Khizer’s place all of the usual part of the routine thing and it was till late that we kept on working and all of them left only me and Khizer remained as he promised to drop me himself. I was wearing a deep neck perfect body fitted white tshirt with straight fitted army green trouser. I was working on my laptop and sipping the cola in between.

I was too busy watching the concept video that I accidentally spilled some of the cola on my chest and on my tshirt as well. So I went to the bathroom without checking up on Khizer as it was his home and we were used to going in and out almost everywhere, he never restricted for any special boundaries or sacred spots.

Now I was working in the lounge and next to it was the bedroom of Khizer so it was easy for me to use his bathroom rather than going all the way to some other room so I went in his room but stopped before entering as the sound of someone having shower was clear and I knew it was Khizer only as he told me that he’s going to take a shower to freshen up and then he will drop me home.

I was frozen there for a few seconds, my fantasy hero was there all naked taking a shower and I badly wanted to see that hot muscular body of his that has been giving me a hard time concentrating my thoughts almost on everything.

But I am a girl, also in love and relationship with Fahad plus I wasn’t a slut and I was acting like one so I decided I should walk away and use the other bathroom but the temptation of this sizzling moment was too much to let go of, so out of curiosity I put on my handsfree switched on the music and went in and there he was standing washing his thighs and I stopped there with mouth wide open and all dead in my tracks.

It was like a moment that stood frozen for like centuries because I would never ever forget that, there he was standing all dumbstruck with mouth wide open and eyes staring me as if they could stare right through me but I acted all innocent and apologizing hurriedly I came out of the bathroom with my heartbeat beating as fast as a drum in a hard rock song.

He was as beautifully made as the Hercules himself, too perfect to be human and too muscular for a guy his age and stature. When I stepped in, he quickly hid his tool with both of his hands but I already had a good view of his penis which was if I am right, around 7 inches in size but really really thick (almost like Fahad, he was like 6.5 but not this thick) and it looked equally beautiful as he himself as a whole.

I had to masturbate but doing it now was dangerous and risky so I decided to wait till I get home but I was really turned on by seeing him naked. I really wanted to jump on him and have sex like I had never before In my life but that would be going out of limit and as much as I didn’t want that to happen I also wanted it to happen in some secret way in which I was the victim not the inviting individual.

I went to the other bathroom, cleaned myself up and came back to Khizer’s room and waited for him to come out so I can apologize. He came out wearing a towel around his waist looking magnificent as usual and with an authoritative smile on his face.

As soon as I saw him I started explaining that I was so jumbled up in work that I almost forgot that he is in the washroom taking a shower and I was listening to the music too so couldn’t hear him and came in by mistake. He was smiling as usual which worried me because that was the smile of someone with an expression “oh yeah, I know don’t give me that crap now okay I am not a kid”,

I even stammered in between my conversation and that I guess turned his doubt into the firm belief that I did it on purpose and he walked up to me and like a gentlemen took my hand in his hand, pressed it and said “Hey it’s okayyy chill yar, at least you enjoyed the view! And we both laughed like 2 stupid rabbits under the sun.

Now I respected him more, he was not like other guys; he was different a lot more different than what I thought. That was just the first thing that happened or let’s say I made it happen but there was nothing serious to worry about and we were still cool.

Now that I had seen him naked and his splendid tool, I was more troubled than ever. I used to dream about us having hardcore sex in the jungle at the night by the bonfire all naked and imagining that during masturbation, used to give me massive orgasms. I was getting obsessed more and more every day.

I knew that was lust but that lust had grown on me heavy and had surpassed the love for Fahad. Khizer used to call me once every 2 days for a little chit chat but he was always a gentleman and never crossed the line that I did just for a sight of him and I couldn’t believe myself that I had committed such an act.

Khizer had a girlfriend, her name was Zainab, she was 5’3, slim, fair, and beautiful with a good figure, a bit shy but she was a sweetheart. I was so jealous of her being so lucky and whenever she was with Khizer I was spying on them mostly.

This obsession of mine was getting out of control so I decided to move on to a higher level and seduce Khizer and in order to do that I had to buy push-up bras and sexy panties and had to wax my body on whole and on the visible areas as well plus a new sexy hairstyle was a must thing so I curled my hair with massive bounces because that looked really hot at me and next week

I was ready to blow up every guy in the university and I did when I walked up from the university gate till my department every guy was watching me with wide eyes. I was wearing denim blue skinny jeans (which looked kinda hot on my voluptuous legs, my legs were a bit fleshy but all in right proportions not too much)

with cowboy boots and a purple colored deep fitted shirt with a gold chain around my neck that my dad recently gifted me on my last birthday and some bangles in my hands. I was enjoying the attention and I knew people were talking about me, mostly guys lol. I was happy and confident that today I will make Khizer go crazy for me and with high spirits I walked in the department

and saw my friends sitting and laughing so I changed my direction towards them and walked and walked and walked for what seemed to be a never ending distance. Now people on the other floors had noticed me as well and were watching my curves as I move. But that wasn’t exciting me anymore, my mind was fixed on Khizer and what would he do when he will see me.

My friends had seen me too and they were talking about me only, when I reached and said “Hi” to everyone, Usman just stood up and hugged me (he was crazy, he used to do such crazy stuff a lot) and said “wow I never knew you are such a bomb otherwise I would never have let Fahad get lucky with you” and everybody laughed including me and then they all started complimenting me by saying all the nice things.

I looked at Khizer and gave him an inquiring look and he just threw a line at me “You know I am all free today and even Zainab has to go shopping so what do you say babe, your place or mine?” and I was overjoyed but I didn’t show that. I calmed myself inside and smiling a naughty smile replied back

“I prefer the men who are dominant enough to make their own choices rather than asking questions” and there was a huge “WHOOOO” by Tooba and Owais and everybody laughed again but this time Khizer looked at me with a serious look, a look I would die for, a look that took away my virginity, a look that tore away my clothes and made me naked in his eyes,

a look that got me wet in my panties, a look that made me forget everything all morals, all relations, all limits, all restrictions, a look that transformed me into a woman, a look that arose the wildest lust of a woman; a man has ever known, a look that finally told me that with all the hotness and all the control I have on other guys I am still a puppet to him and his manliness, a look that finally made up my mind not to agree on anything less than a hardcore wild fuck.

We both knew that instant that we were looking at each other with the same meaning and we had to finish it off now. I didn’t call my car that day and made some excuse to my friends that car is in the garage and so Khizer offered to drop me (that was the chance we both wanted). He drove the car in the direction of his home and I knew where this all was leading to so I decided to tease him a bit.

I asked “I thought you wanted to drop me to my place. Where are you going?”. He replied in a cool tone as usual “I am making my own choice” and smiled at me. I blushed at that and we went to his place, he poured me some cold coffee which was my favorite (but he didn’t know that). I walked around his lounge,

appreciating the fine collection of artwork, the beautiful furniture and all of a sudden he came behind me, I turned around to face him. We both know what was coming ahead, I looked in his eyes and my heartbeat was running faster and faster every second. I was about to live my fantasy, it was that one moment I had to do it because there was no getting back then and I was too far now to stop and I badly wanted it.

He was looking in my eyes and all of a sudden he held me by the back of my neck and kissed me with ultimate passion, the one that drives a woman crazy. I was already too wet and then this kiss, I was broken with all my control and power I had lost it to that specific guy and it was Khizer.

Even then I knew this was wrong but it felt so good that I let go of morals and enjoyed that sensation, we kissed so wildly that I almost felt I am going to have an orgasm just by kissing him because this was my fantasy coming true in a manner I always wanted. He licked my neck and I moaned like I had never before, he opened my shirt buttons and took it off quickly.

I was wearing a black push up bra which added to his excitement more and he undid my jeans and belt and took them off too. I removed his black polo tshirt at the same time, his body was a carefully carved one, the body that drive women crazy. I removed his jeans and there he was standing in a grey sports boxer which looked equally good on him.

We were making out in his lounge then he lifted me in his strong powerful arms and took me to his bedroom where I was thrown over the bed and without even wasting an instant more he took off my panty and started licking my vagina, he licked my inner portions and I was moaning like a baby cries for milk.

It was too much for me to handle and in a minute I had the most exploding and wild orgasm of my life and godddd it was really a feeling, the most amazing and overpowering feeling, a feeling of shuddering and collapsing down there, a feeling that I should have done it a lot sooner than this. I felt like a huge thing that has been kept on me from a very long time has been lifted away but Khizer didn’t stop,

he opened the drawer next to the bed, took out the condom, took off his boxers, wore the condom on his erect strong tool and climbed over me, he licked my belly button and made circles with his tongue around and then he took off my bra. My sexy boobs were in view now and he was amazed to see them (I could see that in his eyes) he wasted no time to suck on them wildly, damnnn that was amazing.

I was moaning loudly and at that moment I didn’t care about the world but just us. He kept on licking and sucking my nipples and breasts (off course they were huge to be sucked all in once) I was losing too much fluid but then only thing I wanted was a hot wild fuck and I did that. I climbed up and sat on his lap and kissed him with the same intensity which we did moments ago, he too started kissing me back.

He was a good kisser he knew how to suck the tongue and roll it up so it may arouse the most amazing feeling inside a girl. We kept on kissing until he licked my neck and bitted me several times (every time he did I moaned a bit louder). I licked his chest and his nipples, I was too turned on to think about anything else.

One thing was very fascinating about him and that was he smelt really good, whatever he may do or wherever he may come from he used to smell really nice (my guess was that he used to wear heavy perfume for that) anyhow back to the point, even that thing was turning me on too, the smell of him, that particular sexy smell that has driven many girls out of their senses, it had an effect on me too.

I now opened my eyes and looked at him clearly as he was looking at me and we kissed again for what went on like a lifetime but this time it was different, it was the kiss of the connection between us and we both loved it. We were too turned on to wait for more so he positioned my hole to his penis, straightened up his tool and entered inside me and I moaned at the top of my voice,

it stretched my inner walls damnn that thing was really thick but I loved the feeling of it stretching me inside because it was building up my orgasm really good. I was moaning real loud so he kept his hand on my mouth to keep my voice low and I was just having my eyes closed and enjoying that ultra wonderous sensation.

He was a wild lover and I was one too, I loved the wildness and animalism inside a guy to be broken out and he started fucking me wildly on that bed with me sitting in his lap and I too met with all his deep thrusts with equal participation and it wasn’t long when I had another orgasm, it was then that I climbed on him, made him lie down on the bed and started riding his tool,

it was a tremendous feeling, I was going faster and faster, I was moving it now, I was in control and I didn’t want to let go. I was nearing my orgasm again and this time we came together moaning and breathing heavily and loudly. I shuddered heavily this time and fell upon him, we laughed at each other and I kissed his chest.

That was the best fuck of my life, very absorbing and effective and most importantly it quenched the thirst that has been building inside me since I got my eyes on him and it relaxed the kept-under urge that has been hiding inside me for so long.

First sex with younger sister

It was a long time back when we were young. We were low middle class family and shared a single bedroom house in north Chennai. We were quite poor to afford dresses though by gods grace food was on table. This is weird but true as I My underwear used to go missing at times.

Much later I knew the true reason. One day morning after bath my underwear was missing. I was furious and was rummaging the draws. I asked if anyone knew it and all including my widowed mother and sister were quiet. I left for school without it.

I suspected that my sister was using it. I thought so because she had that wicked smile which I see on her usually during our sibling rivalry moments. So I hid behind the door and true enough she came in to change after school.

The moment she dropped her skirt and I saw it I jumped from behind and confronted her. She was furious and refused to give it to me. I was equally mad and told her that I will take it by myself. She dared me and I took the bait.

I lunged on her and tried to pull it down while she held it tightly. I tried pulling it down from the sides and my hand went to the front of the pussy and as the panty came down I withdrew my hand almost as a shock. the area was spongy, wet and red with blood. I ran away in panic.

After 30 minutes she came into the hall and I was very apologetic. She was quiet with anger. Mother sensed something was wrong. I realised how selfish I was and was determined to fix it. From the commission money I saved from buying family groceries,

I bought her a new set of underwear. I showed it to her and offered to put it on her as I made the mistake of pulling them down. She consented and stood before me with her skirt up. There was pubic hair I slid the panty up her thighs towards her hip.

It fit her smugly and that altered our relations. She thanked me and hug me tightly and we were in embrace for a long time. She offered to help me with my underwear and I stood naked before her. My dick was standing and as she was trying to fit my underwear was having fun in making

my dick stay inside the underwear. She pushed it but that only made it bigger. She held it for few minutes gently. We stood up and she removed her shirt. Her boobs were tiny but shapely. I held them in my mouth and suckled for a while.

After 2 to 3 years of intimate relationship we finally had sex the first time when I was 18. It continued till we got married. She lives with her children and family. When we meet we share our family concerns and remain best friends.

My First Sex

This is a true story, no lying!!
I am originally Lebanese and my cousin, who is same age like me is from Jordan. She wanted to study in a college in Lebanon and since we were her only relatives there, so she lived in our house for six months. We both were teen aged, so we had a kind of feelings for each other… it was not easy to show those feelings though because of all family members around. Anyway, six months later, she decided to leave Lebanon because of Civil war which was still going on there and she moved to India to finish her studies there. Then she came back to Jordan few years later, got married and moved to Abu Dhabi with her husband. Two years later they divorced and she decided to stay in Abu Dhabi and work there.
It was 12 years until we met again in Abu Dhabi when I got a job there. She was my only cousin there and she helped me to get to know the country, the restaurants, malls and so on and we spent lots of time together. One day we were at the beach, just watching the view and listening to the sound of water, it was a bit cold and windy, so we both were fully dressed. She was telling me about her marriage and how bad her husband was with her and she laid down on the sand. I asked her if she wants me to caress her hair so she pushed her head over my knees and said of course. I started caressing her hair, then my hand went down to her cheeks, her neck until somehow, my hand went under her shirt and under her bra so I touched her breast… it was the first time I touch her and she liked it
Few days later, I had an interview in Dubai and she had some business there, so we went together and we had to stay overnight there… so instead of hiring two rooms in the hotel, we got one room only with two beds, to save some money 😉 in the hotel room, we were chatting also and telling each other about some of our sufferings during the past 12 years and again she told me about her husband and that he did not love her and so on…. so she came to my bed, put her head again on my leg and asked me to caress her… but this time I started directly with her face, head, neck down to her chest and breasts… of course we were dressing much less than last time on the beach…. so about 10 – 15 min later, I took off her t-shirt and started kissing her on her neck, chest, down to her tummy until I pulled down her pyjama… at that point, she was so horny but she had a little hesitation… so she said, you know where this will end up, I said lets just enjoy the moment and where ever it ends, let it be… then she started kissing me…. I removed my t-shirt, then her bra and my pants and when I was about to take off her panties, she said, if you do it, you will not stop until you penetrate your penis in my vagina, I don’t know, “I said” but lets just be naked…. so we got naked, kissing, touching, rubbing and licking, then I asked her, do you want me to ****** you, she smiled and said YES and she asked me to lay on my back, she wanted to be in charge and penetrated my big ***** in her wet vagina…. I did not have condom and she said it is ok, I know you are clean and so am I….. that night, we did it 4 or 5 times, I do not remember now… then we had sex several times after that in her place, on the beach, in many hotels until

so my first sex ever was with my cousin and when I was 31 years old!!!!…. the relationship was not successful though and it did not last… but the experience is soooo gret